Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grow, Grow, Grow!

Vivi has been having a big brain burst lately. She has been constantly busy, constantly questing. She has taken on the task of reading through writing. I am fascinated by this approach.

Zoey learned to read at a phenomenal rate, mostly through whole word recognition. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the physical act of writing. She preferred to find other ways to express herself and her ideas.

Vivi is all about the writing. She loves the process, she wants to learn new numbers and letters all the time. She writes constantly. She even enjoys the little dotted tracing pages.

Her constant need for food has doubled recently, craving protein all the time. She is leaving me exhausted! She is an amazing little person, with a unique and highly developed perspective.

Vivi and I made her a bank this week out of an oatmeal box. We did some groovy decoupage. She really stuck with this project, throwing herself into it. She has also put together a Little People megalopolis. There has been a giant imagination game ongoing for days now.

It was a busy week even without Vivi's growing brain; there was the end of school picnic for Zoey's school, the new construction project at work that took many hours of meetings on my days off, and the blustery, nasty weather kept us inside. I will have more to share in the next few days as there is now sunlight and new birds. Also mammals!


Lynne said...

Trixie, your Vii is such a beautiful little girl. My Molly (now 15) used the same approach to learning to read. She wrote constantly, loved to draw and she also loved dot-to-dots! She is now quite articulate. Words are so important to her and she has always been an immaginative writer. My John on the other hand (now 14), learned to read much like your Zoey. He has grown to be more of an analytical thinker, a great problem solver, not much of a talker, and writes with as few words as possible! Isn't it just amazing to watch them become themselves?

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Grow, Vivi, grow! And, Viva la difference between your girls! Yay for you for honoring that difference and celebrating it. I am constantly amazed at the differences between my kids. No cookie cutter children! :)

Susan Gets Native said...

Watching the wheels turn, and then go fast they blur, is just one of the joys of parenthood.
Isabelle knew the whole alphabet by 18 months, but kindergarten really turned on the gas with reading. I don't know about Lorelei yet. She loves to write, but we are still working on the nit-picky forming words LEFT to RIGHT. She blows me away when she writes with BOTH hands at the SAME TIME.
Go go Vivi!

KGMom said...

I love to hear of a new reader in the making. Nothing but NOTHING is more important to a growing expanding brain.
When my kids (now ages 36 and 26) were little--I told them they would never be bored if they read.
Both took to reading like ducks to water.
Read on, Vivi! and write on!

mon@rch said...

Shouldn't be long and she will be wanting to do her own blog! They grow up soo fast!

Meggie said...

Isn't it fun to watch them grow...and in such different ways from one another? Such a cutie!

RuthieJ said...

I love Vivi's hat and recognize that SWS colorway. Could you share the pattern with me Trixie?