Friday, December 22, 2006

You Would Even Say It Blows

The girls are just vibrating with anticipation of Christmas day. My goodness, I hope they are not disappointed. They have decorated the house, picked out gifts for friends and family, helped Daddy cut down a tree, watered it everyday. Zoey has even spent time teaching Vivi to sing some carols. Here is one of my favorites, enjoy. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Weekend

We had a pretty hopping weekend around here. Zoey raced in the Besh Cup Sprints on Saturday. It was her first race in her new ANR race suit. That is some team pride she is beaming out there. She did not race on Sunday as most of the week she was battling strep throat and the 1K sprint took all she had. The stadium at Kincaid was brutal. Lucky for me, Grammie is in town, so she stayed home with Vivi. I lost touch with a few toes and my face was bright pink for several hours after coming home. It's always a gas standing meters away from Cook Inlet with those fabulous inlet breezes. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Click on this to watch Zoey pop up the hill and try to reel in this bigger girl. Go Zoey, go!!!!

And Aunt Jane got to visit with Grammie. She even went to Christmas with the Animals at the Alaska Zoo.

This is Molly, one of the two snow leopards there. She is so smart.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Big Changes

Remember the month long cold snap? The one where it rarely got into the double digits? Well, that left with a bang on Friday. There were 75mph winds, we lost power and the temperature went from 5F to 35F in a day. The airport was having planes land on the north/south runway to meet the big winds head-on. The inlet, sky and mountains all matched in their greyness. Even the cars were grey with road pucky. YUCK! Nasty. As I left work that night there was fog, and it smelled like Juneau. The air was saturated with moisture. When I drove home the wind was blowing snow sideways. I tried to capture the beauty of driving home in the wind and snow. I actually love that. The snow is snaking down the road in the gorgeous, sinuous shapes that sometimes rear up and look like creatures.

Puzzlemaster Vivi

Vivi finished her very first jigsaw puzzle! She was pumped.

Zoey's Eye

Zoey is developing quite an eye for color and shape and beauty. Last week, during the full moon, I slept in a bit. The sun is rising about 10:00a and setting about 3:50p, so there are long, lingering sunrises and sunsets. Sunrises are VERY accessible to the sleepyheads here.

Zoey and Vivi got up before me. I had been busting my behind for weeks, what with Thanksgiving, the flu going through the house, colds. YIKES! Last week was the first week we were healthy and the last week before my mother came. So, I slept in. Yes, I did.

When I did get up, Zoey was bouncing on her toes, wanting me to look at my camera. I did and was very impressed! She really liked the play of the rising sun on the clouds and the changing weather. These are her shot from out of the kitchen window. Very nice, said the mom.

Culinary CoWorkers

I admit I work in a grey warehouse. No windows, dusty, full of forklifts and noise. The greatest thing about where I work is the people I work with. My partners Erika and Brenda are very easy to work with and so smart. My crew of guys are agreeable, hardworking. One among them is also a talented chef. Last Friday he brought homemade tamales. YEA! Francisco is the best! Thanks.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Here Comes Santa Claus

Santa arrived by jet at the Kids Christmas party at work. Above is Vivi's face as she watches Santa walk down the air stairs and into the hangar. After she was able to speak again, she turned to me and said "Well, that's not something you see everyday."

Vivi spent a great deal of time writing a letter to Santa. She really worked hard on it.

No one was feeling very well. The hangar was too loud for Vivi and Zoey was running a fever (Mother of the Year did not know this until we were home). We left without getting to sit on Santa's lap. The girls did get their gifts, though. And I got to see the joy in Vivi's eyes when she saw Santa de-plane.

Our Friend from Seattle

Our friend, Tricia, visited from Seattle over the weekend. I only got to see her for lunch on Friday. She needs to come up again. Hmmmm....or I need to go to Seattle. Yeah, that's it, I need to go to Seattle!

It was lovely seeing her and I miss her in my daily life. The girls loved getting to go out to brunch.

Any guesses?

Got any guesses what this is or the story behind it? Some of you know already. Look closely.