Thursday, August 14, 2008

Puffin On Through

It has been such a crazy busy six weeks.

Zoey was in theatre camp and played Titania in a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Vivi was in gymnastics camp and got invited onto the competition team.

My car is dying a slow, painful and expensive death.

Our fridge quit for about a week. It healed up once Tom figured out the problem.

The powers that be at work decided that we needed a re-model and to change some practices in the middle of our busiest season and while understaffed. Also, there are some serious power struggles going on there, they do not effect my job except that all the managers are trying to put their stamp on something and look highly effective.

We are tying the record for coolest and cloudiest summer since 1915.

Let's just say some wine has been going down at our house.

I did have the last week off and we were going to go to Portland, but Kasotochi Volcano out along the Aleutians decided to send up some ash. Many, many flights to and from the lower 48 were cancelled. So, we just stayed put. Darn! I could have used the nice summery 80F+ degrees Oregon had to offer.

We did go to the SeaLife Center in Seward. The girls were thoroughly engaged. They had different speeds and desires, so Tom took Vivi to all the mammals and Zoey and I stayed in the aviary. It was near closing time and there were no cruise ships in port, so it was quiet. We had the place to ourselves. Zoey made friends with a tufted puffin named Dorrie.


Lynne said...

LOVE the pictures of Zoey and Dorrie! They look to have connected and are smiling at each other.
Sorry it's been so chaotic there. I was getting ready to send out search and rescue! Happy to see you posting again.


KGMom said...

Trixie--love the pics. I like the progression--bird to girl, girl to bird--heads tilting. And the smiles on their faces! Priceless.

Big Bro Bill said...

Tricia --

I began to think you might have come Outside again. Ain't office politics a bear...& a waste of time & effort. My nieces still look wonderful! They're such dears.


Dave said...

I love the ASLC also. If I lived in Seward I would be there a lot. nice pix's.

Susan Gets Native said...

How did you get such CUTE INTERESTING kids? I mean, really.

Zoey: The Puffin Whisperer.


Susan Gets Native said...

Speaking of missing you, when is your next sojourn into Ohio?

Meggie said...

Dorrie looks pretty darn cute. I can see why Zoey liked her so much. A most unusual looking bird...quite striking, actually! Wish we had them here in PA.

Veery said...

Great photo series, sorry you are having such a hectic time...summer should be for slowing down!

But glad you had a good time at the SeaLife Center. How many people get the chance to bond with a puffin?

Mary said...

You were away for so long, I wondered what happened!

These photos are pricless. Funny.

cc22 said...