Thursday, August 31, 2006

At the Fair

Tuesday evening we drove out to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer. We had a lovely time, the crowd was moderate, the parking was great, it only started to rain as we were walking back to the truck. YIPPY!

Vivi and Zoey wanted to look at the livestock, so to the barn we went. They had a great time with all the babies. Vivi had been asking what baby cows are called all week, so I was pleased to see there were two calves there. The piglets were the big hit. After the petting zoo there was a litter of newborn piglets. Boy, was it hard to peel the girls away from there.

And there was the pony ride.....Vivi named her ride Fireball. So very Vivi.

Zoey had a great time on the big rides. Her daddy was game enough to go on with her. Yeah Daddy! Vivi and I watched. Vivi did not like watching, she wanted to BE ON THOSE RIDES!

To make up for Vivi not getting on the big kid rides, I took her on the ferris wheel. She was so excited. At the top of the ferris wheel at the fair you have a great view up Knik Valley to the glacier. Every time we got to the top Vivi shouted "I see a glacier! I see a barn! I see a glacier! I see a barn!"

We finished off the rides with a trip on the gorgeous carousel. See you next year, State Fair.


Zoey. said...

I look so cute with a Star! xxooxxoo Zoey

Ana said...

You have very beautiful children. Enjoy them they grow up so fast!

Trixie said...

Ana, I treasure them and think as they sleep so peaceful that they are growing up TOO FAST! And I may just treat my 10 year old to a massage!

Finny said...

HEY! you dident give me my massage!!!!!! LIAR!!!!