Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Summer Catch-up

I have been meaning to start this blog since Melissa went back to the Netherlands. I think it would make it easy for her to see the girls as they grow. It could work for my family, too, if they want to check in.

In the spirit of catching Melissa up, I am going to go back through the summer. We went up to Byron's cabin north of Talkeetna for some fishing. It was a damp, rainy day full of mosquitos and no fish. We did have a great time, though. Zoey was getting a handle on fly casting and Vivi was happy to play with a little kid line with a hook and bobber. She really appreciated her head net. We were all coated in bug dope and still were plagued by all sorts of flying/biting critters.

It was interesting driving into the cabin. The way in is pretty rough. Let's not call it a road, that's just too generous.


laurie said...

Oh! Trixie! Hello and yay you have a blog!

Your girls are just the sweetest cutest faces ever.

Trixie said...

We grow them cute up here....all children...okay maybe not all.

Thanks for checking in Laurie! I'll get more comfortable writing when I have a bit more time.

Finny said...

You dident mention the honky tonk thing. I was sleeping and this song was just about to say I miss the Honky tonk and I shoot up and say I hate Honky tonks and then crash angain. Heh its funny how the brain works.....