Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two Eagle Week

My little Vivi has been the best game spotter since she was able to speak! I had bundled up the girls to go vote and piano lessons. I am hustling them out the door and Vivi squeals and yells! Normally that means there is a bear out there, but this time it was a bald eagle a few feet above the car and play set, not quite to the second story of our house. We crowded outside and silently watched him cirlce in the little space right above the driveway. He was looking at us, we at him. We were awed and silent. I did get this picture before he flew over the house and down into Moosey Meadow.

That was my second baldy in two days. On Monday an eagle and I watched the same ducks at my little airport park. If you squint you might see him on the power pole.

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