Monday, August 27, 2007

Berry Time

The last few mornings I have been crazed. It has been lovely and cool and still. I have rolled out of bed, put on my shoes and headed for the berried all around my house. On Saturday morning Vivi joined me.

One of the first things we noticed was several piles of fresh bear poop. Lovely. At least they are leaving the garbage alone.

As you may recall, almost all the plants around my home are dwarved or miniature. The blueberries are no exception.

I felt like I was in a fairy land, with dew drenched spider webs.

And many, many mushrooms.

While I was at work yesterday evening Zoey took some of the berries and made pie. Her first pie. She did a great job, it was delicious.


mon@rch said...

I always seem to eat more berries than make it into my basket! Hmm The Blueberry pie looks wonderful!

RuthieJ said...

Trixie, that picture of the blueberries and dewy spider web is so beautiful.
Zoey's pie looks wonderful too--very good for a first pie by herself.

KGMom said...

Trixie--I haven't been to your blog for a bit.
My, what lovely photos! Just gorgeous! And the look on Vivi's face--priceless.

Susan Gets Native said...

Dang! Miss Zoey can bake!
It's weird seeing Vivi in a hat and coat! Don't you all know it's August, for crissakes!

Mary said...


I have missed so much on your blog! I'm trying to catch up.

Your photos are stunning. The last