Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The End of August

We had a lovely evening drive down to Girdwood. We were going to have Tom and Zoey get a good rollerski work out while Vivi and I rode the sticked together bike.

Our progress was stopped just beyond Bird Point. First we saw a white-winged scoter.

Then a white dot. Do you see it??

How about from this angle?

Do you see the spout?

We had a close brush and a wonderful view of a momma beluga whale and baby. There was a whole pod, but they were spread out about a mile. These two lulled around in front of us and around us for quite a while. We even had a large harbor seal there.

We spent about an hour watching this family from the shore and lost our light (and warmth) for a good ride and roller ski. We ended up at Chair 5 in Girdwood for a burger and a few beers. This is the mural in one stall of the ladies room. The artist is Nikki Navarette. I've never had such stall art.


RuthieJ said...

Do you see it?? Trixie asks...."a whale!" I gasped. Oh Trixie, that is so cool! Do you see them often? The view is so awesome. Thanks for sharing this event with us.

Susan Gets Native said...

Holy Crap! A beluga!

That stall art is bright! Just makes you want to pee.
What's hilarious is that you had your camera in there with you!

Trixie said...

I did have a two pint buzz...but we were getting ready to leave and it's about 45 minutes from home. So, before I hopped in the truck the pack and I made a stop. Once on the throne, looking at the artwork, it seemed like a good idea. hmmmmm....

(never seen a whale before) mon@rch said...

I so would have loved to see that whale out in the water like that! Such a stunning experience for anyone to see!

Mary said...

Can't find that in Cincy, can you? We should all come to Alaska for a field trip.