Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not Quite Freezing

It has been not quite freezing in town. We have been having a very warm October and November. Up here it has been cold enough to keep the snow on the ground, but not cold enough for the snow and ice to form sticky crystals. The upstart is that our road is super slick. If it were only my neighbors driving on it, we would have minimal problems. However, we have the most popular trail head in all of Alaska just below us. So, three times this fall the road has been closed by the Anchorage police department due to flatlanders trying to drive on plastic ice without studs. Two of those times I have had to be at work. Today was one of those days. I got to watch the guy ahead of me turn two and a half times around and then bumper off the sides of the road until he was at the bottom. While he was doing this the gentleman behind me was trying not to hit me as his car was sliding down out of his control. All this because they wanted to play in the snow but did not want to monkey with their tires. I did not have a single problem. Sigh.... Once the rest of Anchorage gets some snow the problems will abate, as then nearly everyone will have their studs on. Either that or the temperatures will dip and the make up of the ice and snow will change.

And thanks for all the concern regarding the winds. We regularly ride out winds that high and higher. We are good for a storm each year where the winds gust to 100mph. We have always been just fine.

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