Thursday, December 06, 2007


Judy Geraghty
October 24, 1963 - December 2, 2007

I can say that I've lived here in honor and danger
But I'm just an animal and cannot explain a life
Down this chain of days I wished to stay among my people
Relation now means nothing, having chosen so defined

And if death should smell my breathing
As it pass beneath my window
Let it lead me trembling, trembling
I own every bell that tolls me

Neko Case off her album Fox Confessor Brings The Flood


Meggie said...

Trixie: I read the account of Judy's death. How tragic! Did youknow her personally? I'm sorry for your loss.

Kristy said...

I am so saddened by your loss. You and all of those who love her will be in my thoughts and prayers.

This picture is a stunning tribute.

Susan Gets Native said...

How horrible. Did you know her well?

Trixie said...

Judy and I worked together when I was pregnant with Zoey. She was one of my few, true friends through that tough transition time with a new baby. We had drifted away in the last few years. Boy, I wish we hadn't.

Trixie said...

Oh, and thank you for your kind thoughts. As sad as it is for me, it is so much more so for her family. Send a few prayers their way.

Dave said...

So tragic. Our thoughts and prayers to her family and all who loved her.

Mary said...

Sorry, Trixie. This is a very nice tribute.