Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Big Changes

Remember the month long cold snap? The one where it rarely got into the double digits? Well, that left with a bang on Friday. There were 75mph winds, we lost power and the temperature went from 5F to 35F in a day. The airport was having planes land on the north/south runway to meet the big winds head-on. The inlet, sky and mountains all matched in their greyness. Even the cars were grey with road pucky. YUCK! Nasty. As I left work that night there was fog, and it smelled like Juneau. The air was saturated with moisture. When I drove home the wind was blowing snow sideways. I tried to capture the beauty of driving home in the wind and snow. I actually love that. The snow is snaking down the road in the gorgeous, sinuous shapes that sometimes rear up and look like creatures.


Mary said...

Our weather has been a roller coaster ride, too. Great photos! Congratulations to Vivi!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures bring back a night, driving with a guy I barely knew, zoning out to the Grateful Dead and the hypnotic snowtunnel in the headlights, trying to watch the road instead of the flakes coming right at our eyes. We wound up, out of necessity, in a motel. It was exceedingly weird,but chaste.