Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Zoey's Eye

Zoey is developing quite an eye for color and shape and beauty. Last week, during the full moon, I slept in a bit. The sun is rising about 10:00a and setting about 3:50p, so there are long, lingering sunrises and sunsets. Sunrises are VERY accessible to the sleepyheads here.

Zoey and Vivi got up before me. I had been busting my behind for weeks, what with Thanksgiving, the flu going through the house, colds. YIKES! Last week was the first week we were healthy and the last week before my mother came. So, I slept in. Yes, I did.

When I did get up, Zoey was bouncing on her toes, wanting me to look at my camera. I did and was very impressed! She really liked the play of the rising sun on the clouds and the changing weather. These are her shot from out of the kitchen window. Very nice, said the mom.

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Mary said...

Zoey has an eye for knowing what is worth seeing! Awesome photos...kind of threatening-looking, in a way...