Sunday, December 03, 2006

Our Friend from Seattle

Our friend, Tricia, visited from Seattle over the weekend. I only got to see her for lunch on Friday. She needs to come up again. Hmmmm....or I need to go to Seattle. Yeah, that's it, I need to go to Seattle!

It was lovely seeing her and I miss her in my daily life. The girls loved getting to go out to brunch.


Mary said...

The anticipation of being with an old friend is so exciting. Life sure does spread us around, doesn't it?

tricia said...

ahhh- i made a page!
more importantly I have pictures with me and you and me and the girls. I had so much fun!! I miss you- and you do need to come to Seattle!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm sure bummed we missed our Tricia M... Tricia, you better come back soon, and for a longer time!

Zoey and Vivi, we have Christmas gifts at our house for you to get. We'll have to catch up this week.

Love to you all at the Grenier family,
Peace, the mystery blogger ninja.