Thursday, July 19, 2007

Up For Air

Whoa, I am just now coming up for air. This past week has been a whirlwind of activity. On top of work, we had Mighty Bikes. Tuesday's session was a true, timed, all ages mountain bike race. Zoey took second overall in the kids division and first in girls. She was pumped. It was her first ever mountain bike race and she was totally exhilarated.

Wednesday was a blur of chores, trying to get Zoey prepared for her big trip. She and Grammie are off to London and Paris with Grandtravel. Above is a quick little watercolor Zoey did last week. To think, this winter she was nervous about traveling without her family. Today she was vibrating with excitement. Tom is easing her into it, they are spending a day in Chicago together on Friday, going to the aquarium and some museums.

As Vivi and I saw them off at the airport today, I had such a rush of emotions. I am so excited for Zoey and my mom to have a truly special experience. Oh, the places they are going! Also, I saw my beautiful baby daughter going overseas without me. Ouch! This growing up thing is difficult sometimes.

Vivi had a tough time at the airport. She was not at all happy to have her sister and father going someplace without her. She thinks that nearly two weeks without her sister is an eternity, a length of time she does not understand. Vivi likes her pink house and all her family in it. Thank heavens we had a brunch date with Aunt Sarah and her mom. That saved my bacon.


Susan Gets Native said...

"That saved my bacon"....LOL!

A scary thing, letting your baby girl go off on a whorlwind adventure. But keep thinking, "She will grow from this, she will love this, she will remember this forever..."
Easy for me to say, huh? My kids are asleep upstairs.
BTW: We would love to do a book signing in Alaska. We'll be right up.

mon@rch said...

I so love the drawing and then your next photo with your kids being goofy! Such a great action shot! Trips are always fun for sure!

RuthieJ said...

Those little girls are so cute! Zoey will have a wonderful time with her Grammie and I bet Vivi will love having mom and dad all to herself for a couple weeks.

Did Zoey get a medal or trophy for winning her bike race?

Anonymous said...

Trish, Zoey will love the trip. Phillip still talks about his 11-yr-old trip with Mom, & Claire has such nice memories of hers with Mom & Dad. Vivi will love the "alone" time with you guys. And, yes, you will survive till you see Z again in SC. -- Big Bro Bill

Mary said...

She's going to have a wonderful time, Trixie. You want your girls to spread their wings - little by little...

I also hooted at "That saved my bacon"!