Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Anyone smell lemons?

A female and male crested auklet, above, engage in alloanointing on St. Lawrence Island in June of 2007. During courtship, females and males intertwine necks, an embrace that helps to distribute the citrus scent in their feathers. (Credit: Hector Douglas/UAF)

Alright, the future is coming and it smells citrus-y! Check out what was in the paper today. I thought it was interesting.

Repel mosquitoes and find a mate. Far North Science reports on a UAF professor’s discovery of a citrusy scent auklet seabirds use to repel ticks and mosquitoes and attract the opposite sex. Writer Doug O’Harra tells readers the birds’ steamy mating ritual, which involves smearing scent on each other using their feathers, “sounds like a cross between delousing and edible massage.”

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mon@rch said...

I have some mosquitoes and ticks that some auklets can come visit me!