Friday, September 21, 2007

Moose Movie

It is moosey love season. They are gathering in groups on Powerline Pass, rubbing against the fence at Kincaid Park, and generally getting ready for winter.

Here is a momma in the yard Wednesday evening. Her baby was across the road. Look at her work the willows. We watched her and her baby out the slider for a good fifteen minutes.



RuthieJ said...

OMG Trixie, that is so amazing...a moose in your backyard!
Years ago when snowmobiling in northern Minnesota, we came upon a pair of moose crossing the snowmobile trail. I was amazed to see how HUGE they are....especially compared to the white-tailed deer we're used to seeing.

Mary said...

Few people have the pleasure of looking at a big old moose eye to eye in your back yard! Awesome!

I especially liked hearing "I love you"...Cute!

mon@rch said...

I thought having bear in the back yard was tough, I bet these guys are a hand full! Great video!

Dave said...

Nice video. They are everywheres right now.

Susan Gets Native said...

You poor thing, Trixie. All this wildlife visiting. It must suck to live in Alaska.

Trixie said...

Monarch, you have a point. More folks have issues with moose than bears here. They are just so present. They are everywhere. You can hit one with your car and it is not good. You could surprise one and get a stomping. I had to call in late to work once since there was a momma and baby bedded down between my front door and my car!