Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Piano Lessons

Four weeks ago, with much anticipation, Vivi started piano lessons. For at least a week before they started everyday was greeted with the question "Is today the day I start piano lessons?" She was so excited, she would mimic her sister practicing, pretend she was giving a recital, singing along to every activity. I had a little trepidation starting her so young, she wasn't even five yet. However, I knew her teacher, Miss Holly, was a caring soul and would not scar her. I also knew Miss Holly would tell me the real story if it wasn't working out.

As Vivi had her first lesson, I sat downstairs in the Kaladi Bros. Coffee House, a little nervous, feeling a little naked without my baby. After one half hour, Zoey brought her down to me. Vivi sat across the table, sipping her hot chocolate, patiently answering the questions I peppered her with. Finally, she looked at me and said "Well, Momma, it's all about the hands, all about the hands."

She then clammed up like a sphinx and finished her hot chocolate.


Mary said...

Oh, Trixie, I really needed this laugh tonight! "It's all about the hands. It's all about the hands.." WHAT did you say?

Gosh I miss the kids.

Gina took piano for two weeks when she was 8. She practiced, too. But then swimming and soccer got in the way. Oh, I wish she had continued. We have a piano that sits and collects dust.

Susan Gets Native said...

I think it's great that she is taking lessons. As long as she is having fun, what's the harm?

Mother of the Year award, Trixie dear!
By the way, Trix:
I have to speak in code, in case SOMEONE is reading this...
The Runner is heading North, sent by the Creator.
Do you get it?

mon@rch said...

I think its great kids learn how to play the piano! Also it great hearing her description of the lesson!

Trixie said...


Got the message....ohhhh...I feel so covert! Yeah baby.

Thanks to you and the Creator!

It was the best thing for her. She needs a little civilizing. And bonus...she loves it.

Soon it will actually sound like a song, too. She is totally motivated.