Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rant Ahead!

I think this might win for bird feeder with the best view.

My lovely mountain retreat is about three miles from any major thoroughfare and about 2200 feet above Anchorage. It is about seven miles to anything in town, including piano lessons and writing classes. I choose this place to live and I love it. I try to only go down the mountain once each day, so as to save gas, wear on the car, and my sanity. This is my first year where I have really felt like a taxi driver. I have always tried to schedule a day each week where I do not drive. It is great in that if I can actually accomplish it, I will not drive for seven weeks in a year. It feels wonderful and relaxing when I pull it off.

This school year I have not been as successful in making that happen. I will drive everyday for about 20 weeks. Yuck! Sheesh! It really seems to suck my soul out of my body. I know I am whining, but please! At least I might get more knitting done (if Vivi lets me).

All this running around makes me miss some interesting stuff up here. For instance, when we got home from Zoey's science class (and the laundromat) there were new visitors to the feeder.

"Hey, Zoey, quick, quick, quick!"

"What do you think that is in the cottonwood? No not the grey jay, WITH the grey jay?"

We had three pine grosbeaks in that cottonwood tree next to the house. At the same time we had a hairy woodpecker at the suet on the other side of the house. I have never seen a woodpecker at my place before! And the grosbeaks haven't been seen since March. Now I have to figure out how those grosbeaks like to eat.

All this new activity makes me wonder what we are missing when we are gone.


Big Bro Bill said...

Trish --

Yes, you're whining. You have years of taxiing ahead of you, till the kids can drive themselves (if you will want them to from the mountain).

And, yes, you have a lovely site up there on your mountain. Very nice to go the summer. I've heard from Mom (& Dad in the past) about how it is in the I remember how Anchorage in general is in winter.

(Vivi, please let your mother click the sticks.)


Dave said...

You never really stop being a taxi. I've just settled for that until I die I guess.

Mt Ash Berries!!!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Trixie,
What a great view. I too would have a difficult time driving away from that and wonder about my backyard visitors while I'm at work too.

Cool pictures of the pine grosbeaks. I don't think they ever get this far south.

mon@rch said...

I would have been excited with the pine grosbeaks and for sure that feeder has one of the best views that I have ever seen!

loribird said...

I would come to eat at your bird feeder any day! What a great view, and your bird shots are fantastic.

I totally hear you on the taxi-service rant; we're a similar distance from town (without the elevation to deal with) and I'm already dreading the icy roads I'll have to drive at least 2X a day... But what's a mom to do?
And you know it will be even worse when the can drive themselves...
Best of luck :)

Mary said...

SAME HERE! SAME HERE! I always wonder what happened during my 9-10 hour absences.

You and your birds have the best view on the planet. Keep those feeders full now, Trixie. They will come from miles to take you up on the offer.

This will be a great bird year for you (Zoey will be obsessed...)

I understand about the driving thing. I only had one daughter but we were on the road every night for YEARS. The older they get, the more they travel. Sigh...

Susan Gets Native said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that the birds here have access to dump trucks (wee ones) and they watch us go, and then back these little trucks up to the feeders, empty them, and then stash the surplus in a hollow tree.

Meggie said...

Hey Trixie: I met you via Dave at Around Anchorage. Can't really identify with your taxiing kids...but your photos of the birds are beautiful. I keep my birds Field Guide near the kitchen window (where the feeder is) so I might identify an unusual species. Downy woodpeckers are common visitors here in PA. Do you think I might get Pine Grosbeaks? I'll have to read more about them. I'll stop by later...ciao for now!