Sunday, October 14, 2007

She Got Her Wish

Yesterday was Zoey's birthday. She was born on a Friday the 13th. I think that is such a lucky day. I am having a hard time with this birthday, I really do not want her to grow up. Selfish, I know. At the same time I am waiting with rapt anticipation to see the young woman she will become.

Zoey wanted her birthday party this year to be at the Alaska Rock Gym. We managed to pull it off. She had cookies-n-cream cupcakes and good friends. Cassidy is climbing like a champ.

Sarissa showed up with her mom and brother. Sarissa and Zoey share so much and are such good friends. They always have a great time together. Mary, Sarissa's mother, liked shocking my mom by telling her that Mary has spent many nights at Mom's house. My mom was open-mouthed, she thought she had never laid eyes on this woman before. Mary is my friend from high school, we went to church together, played together, shared secrets. And now our girls are doing much the same. To Mom's credit, it had been a decade or two since they had seen each other.

Vivi had a great night, too. She got to go in a full body harness and climb like all the rest of the kids. Vivi has been waiting to do this since she was born. When she was about six weeks old Zoey had a birthday party at the rock gym. Vivi stared and watched all these people flying through the air and climbing. I think her desire to do everything Sissy does was born on that day.

Even the adult belay slaves (myself included) had an enjoyable time. We did not get to climb, though. I think maybe we will have an adult climbing night...

This is my mom, looking lovely holding her Vivi.

The other thing about Zoey's birthday is that it is usuallly bracketed by the first measurable, non-leaving snow of the year. And Zoey ALWAYS wishes for that. She cannot wait for the snow to come, and misses it all summer long.

She got her wish in aces. Here is what will be about eight inches when the snow quits this evening.

Wish me luck, I always mourn the passing of summer. Sigh....


mon@rch said...

Such a perfect day for a birthday and looks like she had a wonderful time for sure! Although I doubt I would be wishing for the snow! LOL! Happy Birthday Zoey!

Mary said...

Ah, by the time Gina was climbing like that, I was too afraid to join her. I'm glad Zoey had a great day! Birthdays (around her age) are milestones.

Vivi got a gift, too. SNOW. EIGHT INCHES? My goodness, Trixie. You DO have long winters. I'll be missing snow but I'll live vicariously through yours.

Dave said...

Happy B'day Zoey. You can keep all the snow to yourself. :) Looks like all had a fun time.

RuthieJ said...

Happy Birthday Zoey. Looks like you had a lot of fun and wasn't it great your grandma could be there to help celebrate!

Big Bro Bill said...

Tricia -- Be honest, it's probably been 2 decades anyway since Mom saw your childhood AK friends. It has been a good 25+ years since you guys moved back to the contiguous 48.

Zoey -- Glad your birthday was a happy one...& many more! Uncle Bill

Nature Knitters Mom {BettyK] said...

Love your pixs of Zoey's b-day party, oh to be a teenager again and have all these things to go to. Enjoying your snow pictures, I can hardly wait for snow here. Vivi and grandma are surely enjoying themselves, just look at those smiles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOEY!
Nature Knitters MOM[Betty K]

Susan Gets Native said...

Happy birthday, Zoey!
Someone has to like snow, I guess.