Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clicking the Sticks

To combat cabin fever and house dysfunction I have been clicking the sticks big time. It has been a truly productive time since the beginning of the year, with me taking on some knitting techniques I had been reluctant to try. Above is a shawl for someone's sister (can't mention her name just yet). I am a small projects knitter for several reasons. I like to throw the knitting in the bag, have it fit nicely, and knit where ever I am. This shawl was big for me. I tend to lose interest in big projects, with so much in my daily life being left undone, it is satisfying to have small, accomplishable projects.

Here is a detail of the edge. I really liked the edging on this, it really finished this piece nicely.

Next is a cap for the same sister. It is done in a super soft baby alpaca. With Zoey modeling it, it looks huge. I think for an adult it will be a nice fit. At least I hope.

Next are these spiffy half mitts. I love this pattern! I do not think I have ever knit anything so popular. I have been wanting to do this pattern for a year now, and just have never had the right yarn, the right time, the right needles. My co-workers in our little worker's paradise warehouse are asking for these.

And this is a faux crochet hat. I love the look of crocheted hats, but my crochet skills are seriously lacking. So, I came across this little gem. It knits up fast once you are over the moss stitch banding.

And here is Vivi in a headband I made for her to run in a costume race when she was three. She was completely jealous of me using Zoey as a hat model, so I had to appease her somehow.


Beth said...

What lovely projects! Your knitting skills are very good-I don't know how you have time--you seem to have a lot going on. I guess maybe it's good time management and no sleep? Your daughters make beautiful models.

nina said...

Vivi doesn't even need anything to model--her face is precious and that spark in her eye, adorable.

I should reclaim my knitting skill, left on a shelf for far too many years.
Your accomplishments are wonderful. You will have some very appreciative sisters!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Trixie, that shawl is beautiful and I love the color. My fingers are just itching to touch it--I bet it's very soft.
I really like the blue hat too, with that garter stitch edging. And you still had time to make another hat and those cabled mitts! Isn't it great to get some projects completed?
You have some lovely models too!

marianne said...

Beautiful stuff, Trixie! You're a great knitter. In the year or so I've been reading your blog I had no idea you knitted until you asked about the self-striping yarn. I'm still more than happy to send you some. Just let me know. Beautiful models too. Tell them they are oh so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Adore all your knitting projects that you showed us here.
The best pics are the ones of Zoey and Vivi, very good models.
Ruthie likes to take small things to knit wherever she goes, her hands are never idle. The bag she carries always has a project or two in it.
Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K]

Meggie said...

Lovely knitting projects, Trixie. My knitting friends have all be knitting the half mittens also. They are sooooo polular! Your models are quite chic!

Mary said...

I'm just blown away here, Trixie. You are so talented! Zoey and Vivi love the camera and the camera loves them. The shawl is so pretty - love the soft color. You have been very productive inside your warm house on the hill.

Susan Gets Native said...

Man. All this knitting talk is making me want to pick up my crochet needle again. But I don't have time to do all this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great knitting. I wish I were more organized and less lazy . . . I just slug away the evening when I get home from work. No housework. No knitting or crocheting -- just slugging in front of TV or grading stuff. Sigh. Your girls are so gorgeous and those half-mitts. They are fantastic!

Dave said...

Your girls are gorgeous and mom has the model hands to boot, besides them being talanted. I don't see how you have cabin fever with all that you gals do.

Mel said...

Love Vivi's cute smile and sparkling eyes! She's sooo cute!
Great creations, btw! I do some cross stitching from time to time, not as often as I wish :P