Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Racy Sunday

Zoey had another biathlon race on Sunday. While the cold snap was starting to lighten up here at 2300 ft, it was still snapping right along at sea level where the race was held. The temperature was legal, but chilly with a breeze at +1f. This was a race with penalty loops, not just time added on. It was a tough race, but really excellent experience for Yellowknife. That place was having highs of -35F last week. YIKES!

Zoey had a strong cheering section. Her godmother, Sarah, boyfriend Brian, and Auntie Jane all came out. They deserve medals, it was chilly.

Then Zoey's best friend, Megan, came with her dad and brother, Ian, to add to the crowd. I was impressed.

The head coach for Arctic Winter Games did a little meet and greet with all the parents and athletes afterward. He is an Olympian, Todd Boonstra. He is now teaching physical education out in Galena. He brought about seven athletes with him from Galena for the weekend. None of them complained about the cold. Look at this boy's hat and mittens. Are they not beautiful?

Vivi had a good time, she is so social. She kept running up and hugging the course marshall, Teresa Neeno. Thank heavens we know her! Her daughter, Jasmine is a really good biathlete and is so sweet to Vivi. It was a blast to watch them together.

It felt good to get home where it was about +12F. If you look closely at the above photo you can see the temperature inversion creating a gorgeous fata morgana with the volcanoes across the inlet.


Anonymous said...

We need to work on a common vocabulary. Chilly? -1F? Hmmmmm. To me, chilly is 40F. Brrr, I need a sweater weather. -1F is *explitive deleted* cold! :)

Susan Gets Native said...

Liza, I thought the same thing...."chilly" "breeze"? Trixie's brain is frozen.

Trix: Love the picture of Vivi looking up at the other girl. Oh, man. You make cute kids. And Zoey just ROCKS.

Meggie said...

That is one faithful/dedicated cheering section. Lucky Zoey! I'm sure she appreciates the support. What a social butterfly, Miss Vivi is! But then we all knew that already. This past week was our coldest...Monday it was 3 degrees...I kept thinking of you folks in Alaska who don't even bat an eyelash at that.

RuthieJ said...

Great pictures of the biathlon event, Trixie. That blazing sun makes you think -1 isn't that cold (I'm the same way)
Is Yellowknife a long ways from where you live? Will your family and associated cheering sections all plan to attend the winter games?

Mary said...

That snowshoe hare is one large rabbit!

Chilly to you is downright meat locker cold to me. Brrrrrrr.

I guess Zoey is used to the weather for her sport. I wonder, do your girls ever complain of being so cold?

KGMom said...

I love the last photo of the Fata Morgana--something I had not heard of, so I went back & read your 2006 post.