Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ten Hours

Prepare for blinding light bouncing off snow. Got your shades? We were hanging with Cojo this weekend. The state cross country meet was over on Saturday. Sunday dawned all gorgeous and bright. Zoey had a date with her godmother.

Tom and I got to hang out in the morning, leisurely drink some coffee. We then decided to amble over to the eponymously named Powerline Pass. Vivi and Cojo were ecstatic to be out.

Everyone seemed to rejoice in the feel of some serious sunshine on our skin. Oh, it did wonders for my outlook.

We walked back on the flower trail. That was fabulous. I walk this trail all the time in summer. It is always full of wild geraniums, chocolate lilies, wood violets. Now it is all under at least six feet of snow. It is such a different perspective. Being that much higher really alters the view.

All too soon we had to walk back home. I had to go to work, Tom had to meet Zoey for a range opening. The real world was beginning to intrude. I did go to work with an altered mindset. I took that walk with me into my grey warehouse.

I think the willows are enjoying the increasing daylight. We passed ten hours of the sun above the horizon today! YIPPY!

This Boreal Chickadee has a fantastic view, he has the sunset on the highest peak in North America.


Susan Gets Native said...

I think I remember the sun. Is that the big bright ball that hangs in the sky sometimes?

That's a helluva view.

Meggie said...

Because our winter days are usually quite gloomy, I truly understand what a wonderful sight the bright sun is. Even though we do not have nearly the amount of snow that you have in Alaska, the dreary days get kinda depressing. Despite the cold temps, when the sun shines brightly I feel invigorated. Vivi and Cojo look like they are enjoying the sun also.

Dave said...

So, when it's really sunny out, I'm going to get my freight a little slower? Just kidding. It was a gorgeous day.

Beth said...

Oh that shot of the chickadee and the Denali sunset is incredible. I hope you don't mind me using it as a screensaver?

Mary said...

I guess if it keeps snowing and never gets above freezing, it accumulates to six feet. That boggles my mind!

That view is so wonderful, Trixie. Thanks for sharing something so special.

Helena said...

My old blog was shut down, so here is my new one:

Trixie said...

Susan -- you can't remember either? In a weird way, that gives me hope

Meggie -- the cloud cover can get you, too. When does it improve in PA?

Dave -- Nahhh...the good weather is invigorating! The runners want to be out in that.

Beth -- I am honored and hope the resolution holds up.

Mary -- You are welcome!

Helena -- Thanks! I was wondering wht was going on.

mon@rch said...

Even with the snow . . we need to enjoy the sun as much as possible. Glad you guys were out enjoying what you have! And, as always love your view!