Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fishing Fever

The girls have developed fishing fever. We went to Little Campbell Lake at Kincaid after the range opening and plunked lines in the water for about an hour. The little trout were just swarming around the dock. The bigger ones you could see jumping out farther. Vivi's old Mickey Mouse rod finally broke, so she got a brand new one. It's Barbie. Guess who picked that out?

On Monday we went out to Eagle River and picked up Pepere. We headed out to Mirror Lake. Vivi got to use her Barbie rod for the first time. She has a forceful cast. When she gets it down, that baby will fly. Right now it is just fun to watch.

Zoey had her first negative fishing experience, but her ear is now pierced. I bet she won't be fishing without a hat from now on.

And our part-time dog, Cojo, got to go to Mirror Lake with us. She was a HAPPY DOG!

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