Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Turn, turn, turn

I made my own yarn this weekend, with a little help from my friends. They were very encouraging, knowledgable, helpful, and also FUN. I didn't start from the shear-the-sheep angle, but I did start with a drop spindle. I would have started with my own wheel. My mother gave me hers. My dad had bought it for her as a birthday gift. She never took to it. Well, either from lack of exercise or whether it came defective I will never know. But, that wheel has serious problems. It needs an exorcism or to be burned at the stake. There is a magic spinning wheel man who can allegedly work miracles. I am going to take it to him first, then Father Michael.

The spinning retreat was held at Meirer Lake Retreat Center. It was nice to be there for a non-Episcopal event. I wasn't on a schedule, I didn't have kids with me. It was a treat. I went with me friends, Stephanie and Diane. This is Stephanie. They are some seriously talented women.

I also met some other women who were very fun and gracious in sharing their expertise. Thanks everyone for a lovely time.

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