Friday, September 08, 2006

The Mythological Horse, Asparagus

For Vivi's family birthday celebration she got to run a 2k Tuesday Night Race. We had a blast and she took off like a rocket. She is a competitor. Zoey did great, too. She finished 5th in the Munchkin Girl division. Vivi finished 88th. She says she won. In my book she did, because she was so motivated. Look out cross country world, here comes Vivi.

When we were done with the race we came home and let Vivi open her gifts from the family. She got a wonderful Barbie from Zoey named Princess Genevieve. PERFECT! She also got little fairy Kelly on her winged horse, Asparagus. At least that is what Vivi calls her.

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Jenn said...

Happy belated birthday to the Princess. I remember the day she was born and visiting you guys at the hospital. She's still danged cute!