Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More precious than rubies

On August 6th Les and Judy celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Tom and I celebrated our 12th. Well, summer in Alaska is very hectic and that date sailed past all of us. Judy still wanted to celebrate. So, last week she had our family over to her house for dinner. It was a lovely occasion with a gorgeous table and incredible food. THANK YOU, JUDY AND LES! You are great neighbors, we are lucky to have you in our lives. Judy also made the party a silly dress occasion, as you may be able to tell from some of the photos.


xoxolupe said...

oh, i just love you guys... we need to spend more time together. i am missing all the wonderfull memories. thank you for the blog though...

Finny said...

Oh yes I know.... See ya on da 13th mmmmm Shushi!!!!