Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Big Sister

I loved having a big sister when I was little. My sisters taught me how to tie my shoe, they taught me how to multiply by nines, and how to get along with others. Zoey and Vivi squabble and that four-year-old really knows how to get her sister's goat. However, Zoey is an awesome big sister.

Last night was Vivi's first official swim lesson. She was nervous, she told me so. Her instructor, Alex, is a nice young man, but he could not get Vivi to stop clingiing or not be afraid. Tom and I were sitting on the side of the pool, trying not to be typeA micromanagement parents. Zoey could not stand it anymore. She walked up to the side of the pool, and talked her sister into having a more relaxed attitude and a good time. I wish I could have that effect. Zoey is just so unwaveringly positive. She amazes me everyday.

By the end of that lesson, Vivi was smiling, kicking her feet, putting her ear on the water, and not holding Alex in a death grip. I know Alex was doing a fine job, he was silly and reassuring (Vivi told me so), but I am not sure he would have gotten as far without Zoey's pep talk.


Mary said...

Oh, Trixie, your photos tell a great story in so many ways. Being involved in swimming for so many years, I recognize Vivi's face. It was her first lesson and she did great! Thanks to help from big sister and a good coach.

Good job, Zoey! Keep paddling! Each lesson will be nearer to joy.

Mary said...

I meant to say keep paddling, Vivi! And Good Coaching Job, Zoey!

tricia said...

uh-i would be holding on to Alex too- Vivi knows a good looking man when she sees one :)
kudos to Zoey.. perhaps she has a future in hostage negotiation