Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Girdwood is about 33 miles east of my house. We have to head a little south first and then east. The highway is way improved since we were kids. It used to be a hairy death ride along avalanche prone slopes with the tidal waters of Turnagain Arm to break your fall. YIKES! It is so much safer now and it is gorgeous. One evening we drove down for dinner. On our way home we enjoyed the scenery, looking at the tide coming up the arm and the big blocks of saltwater ice moving with it. I always marvel that the beluga whale can navigate this skinny, shallow fjord with it's huge tidal changes. We were heading due west and enjoying the lovely sunset. We could see the Alaska Range across Cook Inlet. When we turned just enough north we could see Mt. Spurr and it was STEAMING! WOW! So, I tried to catch the steam plume for you out the window of a moving truck on a skinny highway. I hope you enjoy.

And in case you want a more up close and personal view here is the webcam for Mt. Spurr.

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Mary said...

I don't think I've seen better sky photos than yours. I'm so intrigued by the beauty you see every day, lucky lady!