Thursday, March 08, 2007

Teetiny Bit of New Snow

It was so nice to have just a teetiny bit of new snow to freshen up the landscape. Our old snow was rotten and icy. It was also covered in road pucky or dust. It looked like a volcano had spewed ash all over Anchorage. Yuck! Today dawned with a bit of sunshine and fresh snow. We also got some treats at the feeder. We got our first two boreal chickadees and a grey jay. The grey jay was HUGE after watching the chickadees at the suet feeder. That bird looked like a giant.

I also saw a female pine grosbeak at the seed feeder. She was too funny. She dwarfed the feeder and tried to keep all other birds at bay. Until today I had only seen the grosbeaks ground feeding.

Nice beat down, Ms. Grosbeak.


Mary said...

Glad it was a teeny tiny bit of snow? Do you think it's the end???


Great bird photos. Lifers for me down here.

Trixie said...

Oh, no melting yet. It's still in the single digits. And we are usually good for a big dump of the white stuff before the month of March is out. At least the daylight is increasing.

Zoey the great said...

Indeed I wish it would go away though

Susan Gets Native said...

Smart girl, that grosbeak. Go right to the source!