Thursday, March 15, 2007

Seeds, Yummy!

Seeds are yummy! (all these pictures are clickable and some are even worth seeing a bit larger)

Someday I will be able to leave my home and show you picutres from around the neighborhood. Right now the wind is blowing from the north. The only place with colder wind chill numbers yesterday than Glen Alps was Thompson Pass and Cantwell. Now, that is saying something. Also, Vivi has been miserable with something that makes her cranky, stuffy and fevery. Lovely. I love having vacation! Seriously, this is my week of vacation. I will quit whining now.

There have been some great things about this week. Our little feeding center outside the kitchen window has proved to be an awesome and creative source of procrastination and fascination. I got to spin up some gorgeous merino wool that I have had since the fall. Here are some tidbits from yesterday.

Henry loves bird watching. He is so distracted he doesn't mind that his tail is in the dishwater. What a goof!

I think he can eat that seed. It's a big bite.

Look at this gorgeous red head!

And this dashing red breast. My, you are handsome!

Some soft merino with only one place I could find that was totally over-spun. YIPPY!

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Mary said...

Your birds are beautiful, Trixie! How did you get so close to that Chickadee????

Keep showing off your birds. Many of them we don't see down here.

Those darn cats go anywhere they want, don't they? LOL!