Monday, June 30, 2008

Mammals, Mammals Everywhere

It has been a cooler June here in the north. Our temperatures have been mostly at or below average. The skies have been grey and damp, some wind. I have not been walking or birding much. My life has been busy with kid activities, work, extra stuff (like a building remodel at work), doctor's appointments, and car trouble. Yuck!

However, in the last two weeks the bigger mammals have been coming around. We have had several moose visiting.

This young male has been frequently our house in the mornings. He looks like this might be his first year on his own. Many moose have liked to hang out around the swing set. One bull a few years ago liked to walk between the swings and get them moving with his antlers. He would walk through and then turn around and watch them move. When the swings slowed down, he would do it again.

This bigger, older bull has been a visitor in the evenings.

And just in the last week have we had a fury black friend attempt to get into our new garbage can. So far the new and improved bear-proof garbage can is holding.

On a more serious note, a friend and team-mate of Zoey was attacked by a grizzly bear on Sunday morning. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts.


Lynne said...

The mammals in your yard are simply amazing!

I will keep Zoey's friend in my prayers tonight. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of Zoey's friend. How frightening!

Love the Moose pictures -- really puts my whining about skunks into perspective. "Honey, there's a skunk in the garbage again!" "Oh yea, well, we've got a moose in the swing set!" :)

Dave said...

I think Zoey's friend is in everyones thoughts tonight.

Trixie said...

Thank heaven's entrance fees were high, because Tom and Zoey were going to do the race with her best friend and another dad.

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures--I thought it was interesting that the young moose would engage in something kind of whimsical like making the swings move--I wonder if it felt good rubbing against the chains or if it was just play. Please keep us updated about the young girl who was injured by the bear. Until reading that article, I did not realize that grizzlies were in areas where people went recreationally. I will remember her in my thoughts and prayers.

loribird said...

Oh, no! What a terrible thing to have happen to that poor girl! Please let us know if there's anything we can do or make to help out...

The moose are fabulous - handsome fellas!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Trixie,
Moose and Bear? Think we'll stick to our birds and possums down here in Oz.
My son-in-law races mountain bikes down here, reckon I might send him the link. I guess we just need to remember that without risk there is no challenge, and what would life be without its challenges?

Sharon said...

Will be praying for Zoey's friend's recovery -- also for her family.

The Primal Quest adventure race is just finishing up here in Montana -- no run-ins to date.

RuthieJ said...

Aw Trixie, that's so horrible about Zoey's friend. Seeing the animals so close to your house, it's easy to forget that they're all still "wild" and the thought of being chased by an angry moose or bear is pretty frightening. I guess living in Alaska you guys know all about being careful & safe when you're outside (even when it's just in the backyard!)

Susan Gets Native said...

Good God. Let us know how she is doing. Oh, my God.

Bears. I am so very afraid of bears. And this is why.

Thank GOD Zoey and Tom weren't out there. Man. I need a minute.

Meggie said...

Have been away in Florida and just now read about Zoey's friend. I hope by now she is on the mend. She is most certainly in my prayers.

nina said...

I would love to see the moose that close--wonderful!!
Bears, less so.
Especially grizzlies--our thoughts go to Zoe's friend.

Larry said...

That's a pretty good sized moose.-We go searching for them when we're in New Hampshire but we usually see the smaller, younger moose.

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