Thursday, June 26, 2008

Northern Sunset

I know I post a good many sunset shots. It is one of the best benefits of living where I do. I love watching the sky and it's changes. After a day spent in a grey, dusty, contentious warehouse during fish season I need to see the sky change.

Last night after work, the sky put on a real show. Watch how the sun plays with the sky. Being passed the solstice the sun will begin to see a wee bit farther south every evening. Nothing stops the inexorable march to the winter solstice. Right now the sun is still setting to the west northwest.

In this last shot you can see the shape of Mt. Foraker in the shadow on the clouds as the sun sets behind the second highest peak in the Alaska range.

Thanks for the great show, Mother Nature, I sure needed it.


Beth said...

Trixie, never apologize for posting too many pictures--yours are always welcome on my computer screen. I love the outline of Mt. Foraker and all the sunset shots. Just beautiful.

Lynne said...

Amazing photos Trixie. Don't stop posting them. They are unlike any I've ever seen.

egretsnest said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for such a peaceful moment.

RuthieJ said...

Gorgeous sunset pictures, Trixie!
We sure don't see many like that here in Minnesota....thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

You have the best sky shots of anyone in the blogosphere. You must sign up for Skywatch Friday (did I say that before?)

Love those hats! We don't need hats here. Our hats are packed away for good.

mon@rch said...

I bet you have some of the most amazing sunsets in Alaska!

Anonymous said...

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