Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What to do when summer is chilly

My friend, Kristy, needs some serious knitting help. She is going to an orphanage in Ukraine and wants to take a hat for each child. Since our spring has been chilly, I have had the time to knit ten hats. I used Patons SWS. It has a lovely feel and sheen, with a great deal of color choices. It is a blend of wool and soy, it can felt and holds up nicely.

My kids have been the testers and models for the hats. Through their input, I decided to line these with a little fleece. Now, they are extra warm and comfy. I think this will be a good hat for the Ukrainian winters.

I also got to use my long dormant Russian language skills to make a nifty tag for each hat. Now, I just have to get them in the mail to Kristy. If anyone else out there has the time or inclination, I would happily supply an easy, easy pattern.


Lynne said...

Oh Trixie, I can see your sweetness and generosity in every color and each stitch.

Anonymous said...

So cool, Trixie! So, inquiring minds want to know . . . where did you acquire your long dormant Russian skills? (My stepfather is Russian but my only Russian skills are dog commands and food! :) )

tricia said...

such beautiful hats-
makes me want to learn to knit
i miss you!!!!
the other trish

Trixie said...

Lynne -- THANKS! I a love to knit, but am an easily distracted knitter, so small and simple is good.

Liza Lee -- I took about seven years of Russian in high school and college. What a grueling first second language. It made German look easy

Tricia -- I miss you, too! I wanted to call when we were in WA but it was such a whirlwind.

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, Trixie! Those are so CUTE! I can just imagine those sweet little Ukrainian heads all cozy in your creations!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Trixie,
Good job girlfriend--Your hats are beautiful! Did you use SWS for all of them? I didn't know it came in all those different colorways.

I have 6 hats done so far and #7 almost finished.

Can you send me the pattern you used for the hats in your pictures? Thanks