Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Birthday v. Darth Vivi

Zoey turned 11! Holy smoke! Like all parents, I am in disbelief. It wasn't that long ago she was my chunky monkey. Now she is a rock-climbing, race running, biathlete who loves to play piano.

We had her party at the Alaska Rock Gym. It was a grand time. The kids loved climbing, they have no fear and are so trusting of the belayers. A BIG thank you to all the adult belay slaves. We really should have an "adults only" evening at the rock gym so we can climb! Tom even had two former students show up and help out. Beau and Candi are growing into great adults. Zoey received some very nice gifts that she will be sending "Thank you" notes on shortly.

One of the biggest surprises was Vivi free climbing. She got up to six feet on several occasions. Tom was too busy working with the other kids, but Beau and I were awed! She didn't think twice, she just jumped on the wall and started looking for hand-holds. Pretty incredible.

Vivi also really enjoyed Zoey's new Darth Vader voice changing helmet. I sure am glad I am not a cat around here.

Oh and sorry for all the chalk dust on the lens. That was just the way it was rolling on Friday night!


Anonymous said...

Tell Zoe happy late/unbirthday!!! I love the picture of Vivi-what a villian! STeph

Finny said...

Heh heh that is some great shooting mama