Sunday, October 29, 2006

Quiet Friday Evening

This Friday I got out of work early to go to the Fall Carnival at Zoey's homeschool. I know that sounds funny, it wasn't at her house. We are in a charter school through the Anchorage School District that supports homeschoolers with sponser teachers and some testing. So Family Partnership Charter School had a fall carnival. The kids had a blast, the parents got to mingle or not.

Tangent aside, I got home before anyone else. Zoey was already at the carnival with Branson, and Vivi and Tom were on their way back from Eagle River. I am NEVER in this house alone. Never. And to top it off, it was a very still evening. Still evenings in winter usually involve subzero temperatures. This evening was in the low 30s, with no wind and no noise. I stood on the side deck for a long time breathing and listening to the stillness. The city stars were just lovely.

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