Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The volcanoes across the street

This was the sunset from my driveway a few nights ago. This is looking at two of the five volcanoes I can see from my house. The one on the right is Mt. Redoubt, the one on the left is Mt. Iliamna. Both erupted in the early twentieth century. Both have active vents and steam quite often. One very active volcano is Mt. Spurr. It is the closest one to Anchorage at about 70 miles away. It looked like it was going to erupt two years ago but it did not, which is a good thing. It can make Anchorage a big mess. There is a re-awakening happening south of Anchorage at Four Peaks Volcano. It was thought to be EXTINCT, but has come back to life very dramatically. This could be very interesting. For more information on our volcanoes check out the Alaska Volcano Observatory


~drew emborsky~ said...

Wow, that's amazing!!!

Stephanie said...

I love the view from you house. It is the best in the city. Thanks for helping me set up my account last night. Check it out. I added a few more things.