Thursday, October 05, 2006

Zoey's Day of Contrasts

Last Friday Zoey had a big day! She got to dissect a female silver salmon at the Elmendorf Fish Hatchery. It was for her Alaska Outdoor Classroom. Her friend, Branson, is in that class, too. They are such good friends and a good mix intellectually. Branson is all boy and Zoey keeps right up with him. They had to take some of the eggs from the female and get ovarian fluid for Bob, the fisheries biologist who led this class. They had to identify all sorts of organs. Who knew how very hot pink the swim bladder is? Zoey even got the heart out while still beating. It was pretty impressive. The only thing that oooged her out was when Branson decided he needed to get the fish's eye out. That crossed a line for Zoey. She is so brave!

Then, that evening she was asked to assist at the Mayor's Diversity Ball. Her godmother, Lupe, works for Mayor Begich. Zoey cleaned up all pretty and assisted folks in finding their tables at the Sheraton Ballroom. She came home with lots of stories and a big boost to her self-confidence. Yea, my big girl!

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Julie Zickefoose said...

May a militant vegan never visit your blog, Ms. Salmon Eyes.