Thursday, October 26, 2006

Life goes on...

Well, my lovely desktop computer is in the shop. Sigh....something about a logic board. It will be there for a week. I am limited to using Tom's laptop when he is home from work. Really, it is okay. I will just have no pictures this time. Also, if you send me something and do not get a reply, bear with me as we are definitely having technical difficulties.

The snow is finally here. It has been a warm October. My girls have been disappointed, but I am secretly happy. Fewer weeks driving on ice is okey dokey by me.

Vivi has been on a tear lately. She is having a tough time growing up and yet wanting to grow. Poor thing, more than once she has said that she wished she was still a little baby. Then about twenty minutes later she will argue that she is big enough to do whatever activity her sister is barring her from. I do love watching her mind work, it is fascinating.

Zoey has been learning so much lately, taking on challenges and staying focused. I'll have to figure out how to post her piano playing. I guess Momma will have to learn something new.

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