Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Big V

We had a nice Valentine's Day around here. Vivi got a lovely Valentine's Day Barbie. She is in heaven. All day yesterday she asked every ten minutes "Is it Valentime's Day, Momma?" When I would answer her then she would bellow "Happy Valentime's Day!!!!" You would have thought it was the penultimate event. Vivi and Zoey spent loads of time this last week making some great Valentine cards.

Zoey got her very own copy of "Birds of Alaska Field Guide" by Stan Tekiela. She was so excited. She took it to bed last night and came down with it tucked under her arm this morning. I also got six episodes of Richard Nelson's radio program "Encounters." Tom and Zoey were both stoked about that. I feel like an evangelist when I talk about this show out of KCAW in Sitka, Alaska. This show has done more to fuel Zoey's love of the natural world than almost anything. For about four years now every Thursday we tune into the radio and listen for half an hour.

The day before the big V day, Tom got an Epiphone Mandobird. He is so happy with it. There was only one thing missing. He did not have a comfy strap. He was improvising with some leather thong. I got the bright idea to make one for him for Valentine's Day. It was a marathon. It would have gone faster had I been able to farm out Vivi, but no such luck. Below are the materials I started with.

A mere six hours later and this is the finished product. It is just a bit too long. I may have to tuck it or find some high tech solution. It made Tom happy. It is way more comfortable than the leather. And, I got to knit with bamboo. Very cool. Tom gave me a new phone, a Razr. I have always had Nokias, so I feel like I am learning a new language. Not too surprising, the girls are better at figuring it out than I am. Wish me luck! I will not be defeated by a phone.

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