Tuesday, February 20, 2007

President's Day

Zoey got invited to go spend the night in some snow caves in Chugach State Park. Outdoor Daddy needed to see these caves to make sure they were safe for his girl. He is a good daddy. So, yesterday we walked to the caves. It is not too far from the house, but it was a bit nippy, especially in the shadows. The above picture is the view from the cave entrance. That is Mount Susitna, also called Sleeping Lady.

Zoey and Vivi played in the caves as Outdoor Daddy did his home inspection. Afterwards, we strolled to Powerline Pass to see just how wintery it still is. Vivi was making Tom be King Kong and she was Blonde Girl. As we walked home I could tell the light was setting up for a lovely sunset.

Daddy approved the caves and Zoey had to pack up for the short hike in. When she came home today she was sleepy and happy, and cold. She was quick to tell me that she was cold ONLY from the blowing north wind on the hike back. It was -2F and blowing 30 mph from the north when she showed up on the doorstep. Her report on the cave was that it was nice and warm but kind of stuffy. She wants to go sometime with her daddy.


Mary said...

Brave girl, that Zoey! I don't know if I would have been so adventurous at her age. I see it's still very cold up there. You and your family are quite good looking :)

Trixie said...

Thanks! Zoey is very adventurous. She must get it from her father, I could not make myself go into the caves.