Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heavy Medal

We spent the weekend in Fairbanks for the final series in the Besh Cups. And, YEA! I did not frost nip any part of my body, I did not need to soak in the bath for 2 hours to try to bring up my core temperature, and Vivi did not lick the fence, this year. What I am trying to say is that is was warm for Fairbanks. One year I got off the plane and it was -45F. And Vivi had just thrown up all over my coat and her snowsuit. Joy!

Zoey had good races at Fairbanks' premier nordic venue. It really is lovely at Birch Hill. The trails sit atop this ridge and are surrounded by a thick birch forest. The designers of the course not only had the athletes in mind, but the spectators, too. You watch the racers start, finish, and catch them about four times all with moving only 100 yards. If you want to walk or ski a bit you can see some dramatic ascents up killer hills and screaming descents. It is a fun place to watch some elite skiing.

Zoey has had some breakthroughs in technique and training ethos. She generally wants to work on her skiing! Yippy! Next year, she will need it all. She ages up a division and many of those girls have hit puberty. YIKES!!!

We got to bring our friend, Candi, with us to help with the girls. She even jumped into the classic race on Saturday. Our ski friends now all want to hire the Racing Nanny! Go, Candi!

Actually, I cannot say enough good things about my fellow ski parents. We had a nice Saturday night trashing the MacPheters hotel room. Pizza, wine, kids crafts, homework, all crammed into a small hotel room. There was lots of talk and some imbibing. Fun!

My friend, Mary, has this awesome buggy for her baby (sorry you cannot see Eli, Vivi was blocking him). It has skis on it now, but you can change it to be towed behind a bicycle or used as a jog stroller. If I were ever to have another baby here in AK, that would be on my wish list. The protection it offers so you can actually get outside in winter is freeing!

Zoey won fourth place in the j4 girls division, Sarissa took second. These girls are great friends and really take care of each other. They warm up together before races, they often train together. In summer they are in Mighty Bikes together. I hope their friendship continues. Sarissa's mom is Mary. She and I were friends in high school. It has been a wonderful experience to become friends again as adults. And a boon to have kids that like each other, want to spend time together, and have common interests.

Sarissa, Eli, Vivi and Zoey all kicking back, waiting for the awards ceremony. Another good trip to Fairbanks. And no one got sick!!!!


Mary said...

Trixie, this brought back so many fond memories of my daughter's swimming career. We were away many weekends and enjoyed forming the same sort of relationships you described. I miss it. Give congrats to Zoey from this unknosn blogger. I realize the hard work she has devoted to her sport and let her know that even though the work get hard sometimes, it's worth the joy of holdng that medal or ribbon, but most importantly, having friends support her during the long haul. Those memories will last a lifetime.

Mary said...

Sorry for the typos...I should have previewed first :)

Trixie said...

No worries on typos! Heavens! A coherent thought is (mostly) what we are after!

Thanks for the encouragement, too.