Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunset Bonus

The sunsets the last few days have been gorgeous. I bundled up just to go to the end of the driveway and shoot the gorgeous pink light on the hemlocks and alders. I turned to face west and got a lovely look at Mt. Iliamna. The wind was blowing from the north, moving snow off the mountain and the sun was setting behind it. The snow looks like fire or lava (which is possible, it is an active volcano). The bonus was as I was shooting it a raven came up from below and into the frame. Amazing! The ravens roost somewhere in the state park. Since the park is just east of the house the Anchorage ravens fly everyday home over our house. I love to be outside and hear their powerful wing beats right above my head. I also love to hear their vocalizations. They make the coolest sounds.


Mary said...

Trixie! I think that's most beautiful sunset I've seen in a long time! You must submit that to Wanderin' Weeta for Good Planets and do it soon!

Here's her e-mail address:

She'll be posting on Friday night or Saturday. This is her blogspot address - check out her post last Saturday:

Mary said...

I saw your photo on Wanderin' Weeta's blog today! Way to go! Now you'll need to follow up with next month's host. You have some fabulous photos to share.