Thursday, February 15, 2007

Red Poll 'Riffic

Some of today's action at the feeder. And you get a look at our dwarf hemlock.


Mary said...


Wow! Great photos of birds I've never seen. Keep them coming! I'll get my field guide and look them up.

Trixie said...

Mary, if you haven't found them by now, they are common red polls. Very common around these parts this time of year. We have loads of black capped chickadees, too. Few pine grosbeaks, but they do make an appearance.

mon@rch said...

Aww, how much I wish I was you seeing these Red-polls! It was 3 years ago when they visited my feeders! Great photos!

Susan Gets Native said...

Common red polls. I wish. If I saw one here, I would faint.
Such cute little guys with their jaunty caps.