Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Big Day

Check out the Super Reader above. Vivi's brain has decided it is time to read. YIPPY! And thanks to Miss Happy, Zoey's sponsor teacher, for recommending the Bob Books.

I picked up the first set of the Bob Books, brought them home and read one to Vivi. Then it was time to run to the very cold range opening. Vivi rode in the car with her box of books in her lap. When we got to Kincaid Park, Zoey popped out to warm up and zero her rifle. Vivi and I took our time getting all our cold gear on. Vivi wanted me to read her a book. Instead, she read it to me! These are wonderful tools. Within ten minutes of laying her hands on these books, she was reading the first one by herself. Amazing!

Not to be overshadowed, Zoey cleaned all her targets in the prone position without a stand! She earned a sushi dinner for that one. Good job, Zoey.

While driving to I Luv Sushi, Vivi was talking about her brand new accomplishment. I asked her how it feels to be a full blown reader. She replied "Great, I am glad I don't have a reading problem anymore."

Zoey filmed her this morning before she had had her hair combed, I know she looks a little rough. That was the first thing she wanted to do this morning, read her book all by herself!


Susan Gets Native said...

Go, VIVI!!!!!!!!! God love her.
That cute smile when she finished just warmed my heart to no end. Ask her if she will read a book to me in March when you guys are here?

We got Bob's Books for Isabelle, and that is what turned HER onto reading. Once they can do them by themselves, they want more. And more. And more. I think Isabelle has as many books as I do!
Yay, Vivi! Auntie Susan is so proud of you!

Meggie said...

Congrats tp Vivi! That girl has good genes.

Mary said...

Please congratulate Vivi for me. I...just...loved...her little video and voice. Takes me back, oh, about...hmmmm...21 years? That's why I don't know about "Bob's Books".

mon@rch said...

How wonderful and she did such a wonderful job! I love the cat sleeping in the background!

KGMom said...

Oh hurray--another young person turned on to reading.
She does look so pleased with herself.
Love it.

Susan Gets Native said...

By the way, where did she get those FAB jammies?

Anonymous said...

she's adorable! Huzzah for the joy of books!

Dave said...

Awesome! It's cool when they get hooked on the books.

Phoebe said...

Phoebe, Julie, Liam, Bill, AND Chet Baker send 5 cheers for Vivi and Zoey. None of US could hit the broad side of a barn with a gun.

You may consider sending that wideo to Cute Overload.
Oh, wait, she's not a kitten. XD

John Carlson said...

Hi Trixie,
I will have to check out the Bob Books. My oldest is about at the same stage and this might be a good way for him to get started. He really likes the idea of reading but his brain hasn't quite made up it's mind yet.