Tuesday, January 08, 2008


For Epiphany we took down the tree. Aurora had done a fantastic job making our little world bright. She was a piece of the natural world integrated into our home. She reminded us of the green of spring. She smelled great. Henry loved her for a while.

She is now residing near the bird feeders. The Redpolls think she is fantastic.

We are settling into the routine of the new year nicely. I have a week off. I have a few plans for some homey chores. Mostly, I want to start the schooling off on the right foot. We have a few weeks before Zoey's science and writing classes start back up. Today we are back to piano lessons.

Vivi is an artist in every medium she comes across.

Yesterday it was hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes and a tortilla.

We made a new batch of suet dough. It was missing about two ounces of lard, thanks to Finn. What a sneak. Is nothing safe in this house?

Yesterday had the most diffuse and lovely sunset through a snow squall.

It feels good to be moving forward again.


mon@rch said...

wonderful artist and I love filling my feeders when I have redpolls also!

RuthieJ said...

I meant to take my tree down for Epiphany also, but it's still up. Oh well, maybe next weekend. I'm glad you've got snow for biathalon again!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the Epiphany pictures of Zoey and Vivi and kitty, also the redpoll pics. We used to get redpolls here but have not seen them in quite a few years, so I sure enjoyed seeing them in your blog. How are things going with and Zoey and the biathlon? I remember the pic of Zoey with her rifle a while ago. It looks like you have enough snow to make things happen. Our snow is melting these last days, cuz it has been in the 30's, and it has taken the ice off the streets and sidewalks. I suppose we only have about 6in of snow on the ground right now here in Southeastern Minn. Usually we have a Jan thaw.
Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K]

Trixie said...

Ruthie J and Betty -- We are soooo happy to have a little more snow. We are way behind. The World Juniors for biathlon were moved to your neck of the world. Sigh.... Our household would have loved to see that.

Zoey has her qualifying race for biathlon this coming Sunday. We have a range opening tomorrow night and one again Saturday to get ready. She will be doing a training session for skiing with Tom tonight. There is never a dull moment around here.

Big Bro Bill said...

Trish --

Good luck to Zoey!

I also took our tree down Sunday, & put it back in its box & put it away in the garage. I know, I'm a shmo but allergies, or concern over them, won out a couple years ago.

My favorites at my thistle feeder are the goldfinches. Black caps & even cardinals (& others) add variety.

We haven't seen too much snow, but often don't in SE Ohio.


Meggie said...

Love Vivi's artwork. The sunset photo is a beauty!