Thursday, January 03, 2008

Forty-Nine Years!

Yippy! Forty-nine years for the forty-ninth state! Believe it or not this is big deal up here. So, if you run across any Alaskans today, congratulate them on this momentous act. Many folks fought long and hard for this place to be fully recognized as a state and fully admitted to the Union.

Eight stars of gold on a field of blue -
Alaska's flag. May it mean to you
The blue of the sea, the evening sky,
The mountain lakes, and the flow'rs nearby;
The gold of the early sourdough's dreams,
The precious gold of the hills and streams;
The brilliant stars in the northern sky,
The "Bear" - the "Dipper" - and, shining high,
The great North Star with its steady light,
Over land and sea a beacon bright.
Alaska's flag - to Alaskans dear,
The simple flag of a last frontier.

Alaska's Flag Song
Written by Marie Drake
Composed by Elinor Dusenbury


loribird said...

Hooray for Alaska!!!!

mon@rch said...

Very cool, congrats!

Susan Gets Native said...

Whoot for Alaska!
Bet the Russians are SO pissed they sold it.

Trixie said...

Lori -- I was thinking of you when I put this one together.

Thanks Mon@rch! We are a sentimental folk here.

Oh, Susan! I think Putin wants it back. Hee hee hee....there is regular fly-overs of rigs out in the Bering Sea.

Meggie said...

I remember as youngster when Alaska was admitted to the union. It was a happy day, indeed. Congrats!

Mary said...

Time to celebrate! Congratulations!