Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Tall Tale of a Pole

The power poles in my neighborhood are reaching the end of their usable life, of so Chugach Electric tells us. They make noise that they are going to bury them. I have always thought that would be a great idea.

I know the power lines muck up my view, I know they detract from the ambiance of the place. I know I curse them when I am trying to get a clear shot of Sleeping Lady, or north out the sliding glass door. When I look out my bedroom window I see that blasted pole. It gets between me and Mt. Susitna and Mt. Spurr. However,
I am beginning to re-think this assessment.

I know that were the poles to go my property value would increase. My view would be un-muddied. All these things I know.

I also know that for ten different early, early mornings this month I have been woken up by a Great Horned Owl sitting atop that power pole. I have found numerous owl pellets underneath that pole. I have also been serenaded by a lovely raven more days than I can count, just hanging up there, surveying the scene.

When Chugach Electric decides what to do with the power poles, I will adapt. Heck, they may just opt for new ones. I have decided that I won't curse the power poles anymore and be grateful for the other views I get from the top of the pole.


Mary said...

Trixie, poles can be replaced by your own poles, trees... I know what you are saying, though. I guess the raptors will just need to find a different route.

Dave said...

You bring a different side to that story that I didn't think about.

Trixie said...

Dave, I had not thought about that side until these last few months.