Friday, June 08, 2007


It's happening this Tuesday. Uggghhh! I do not know how it will be when one of my most inspiring, fun, creative friends moves to Montana. Stephanie is moving! YIKES! She is responsible for me getting back into knitting, now that there are all these fabulous yarns. She got me obsessed with spinning. I never wanted to spin before I met her. I like the way she gets my mind working. And now she is moving. Sheesh! And I am working everyday before she leaves. Sigh....

Enough ranting. I did get to hang out with her this week. Kristina came by for a while and we had a little Pinot Noir. We also enjoyed a great dinner she prepared. YUM! Between my husband's love of Montana and my flight benefits, I am sure I will see her again. It just will not be the same as having her in the same town. Her home is often a focus of activity, a gathering place for many folks I love. That I will miss greatly.

On the upside, now that is is summer and Sarah's life is a bit different I hope to see her more. That will be hard, considering she is going to Space Camp and then her family's farm in Keene Valley, NY. However, she will be back! And we are trying to get a bit of time to go camping together. We shall see.

Sarah reading to Vivi, her goddaughter.

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Mary said...

First, I love your haircut - similar to Vivi's, right? I used to keep mine in a similar style.

It's hard to lose a friend who lives close by. I've always been quite emotional about it.