Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids

There was a wedding in the family this week. Tom's niece, Kristin, had a beautiful wedding. She made at least two girls happy by including Zoey and Vivi in her wedding party.

To prepare the girls for the rehearsal dinner we had to hurry on out of the Rapids Camp yurt and back to reality. There were some serious camping feet that need to be scrubbed clean before the girls could make the rehearsal, much less the wedding. It took ten minutes scrubbing with salt, honey and oil to make Vivi's feet close to presentable. Her hands got some scrubbing, her hair got three washes. YIKES!! That was some nasty bath water when they were done. I made them do it all again on Friday morning before the wedding just to cover all the bases. I was still glad Vivi had closed toe shoes!


Susan Gets Native said...

Camping feet...LOL!
Love the polka-dot swiss on the dresses!

Mary said...

That's a lovely wedding party, Trixie, due largely to Vivi and Zoey :o)