Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Blooms

My home sits on a small patch of alpine meadow surrounded by dwarfed hemlock and alder forests. Each spring is an elfin explosion. None of the plants you see are more than three inches tall and some are less than one inch. These are all blooming in my yard right now.

Above is wooly lousewort. It has an interesting name and is not yet at its peak. I'll try to remember to capture it when it is rocking.

A mountain avens.

I think this is a one-colored cinquefoil.

Some dwarf dogwood.

The lovely blackish oxytrope (I kid you not!).

A gorgeous alpine azalea.

And finally, dwarf blueberry. I will eventually make some jam with these!


catbird said...

Wow -- such tiny jewels! It's trippy to see an alpine version of something (like dogwood) that, in my northeastern yard, is about 15 feet tall. Ain't adaptation grand?

Susan Gets Native said...

They are so.....cute!
Lilliput flowers!

Big Bro Bill said...

Reminds me of the delicate blooms that sprout along the North Slope. But, it's been 30 years since I saw those up at Prudhoe Bay. Remember my snaps of those, Tricia?

mon@rch said...

Such wonderful shots of these flowers!

Anonymous said...

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